My history with glass began three years ago. I was surfing on the web, and somehow I got to a page where a stained-glass course was advertised. I knew I had to try this. I love bright colours, I'm very patient and precious, and the end product is not just some virtual thing but something concrete, so the joy of creation can also be found in this activity.

Lights and clocks on my website can be bought immediately but you are welcome to ask for certain design too. Doors, windows and other glass panels can also be ordered. In this case I need exact size, and some clue of the pattern and colours you like. In the next step I will prepare plan(s) of your glass and after finalizing it I begin the real work.

Feel free with any questions by mail: or phone: +36-30-647-8394.

H-Line Bt.
1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 7.

1068 Budapest, Benczúr street 5.