Besides making colourful stained glass standing and ceiling lights we work with transparent colourless glass too. This panel was made from 16mm thick float glass. My plans are to mount few of these panels in wooden or stainless steel frame as a room divider, with LED lighting from the edge of the panels... I still think it would be marvellous. So we're waiting for orders if you are interested. So far this light is finished. You can find many photos here.

We are ready with this big two parts ceiling light. The glass panels measure approximately 1 square meter altogether, one panel with the wooden frame is 180 x 80cm. You can see some photos of the process of making on the Hungarian site (upper right corner, sorry for having not been translated yet). It was really an exiting game. There are many photos of the light here.

I made few boxes since my first one, most of them with bird-pattern. Last I made this one, and I think this one may be the best. The pattern looks simple but it isn't, it's very colourful, and yet it's moderate. It's made from 9 different kind of glass, and this 16*22 cm size table is made from 181 pieces.

At last I changed LED lights inside the lamp, so it's ready now. More photos of the lamp can be seen here.

While I was preparing the stand of the lamp, I was thinking of other kind of combination of the two materials. So I made an oak-wood box with a small glass panel in the cover. The bird is a bearded tit. I realized I loved the work with wood just as much as with glass.

The stand is also ready now. I ordered and installed LED lights. It was really a bad surprise that it has fade yellow light compared with the previous lamp. So now I have to get new LED lights to install... I would never think there is such a big difference between two lights with just the same factory parameters!!!

It took quite a while, but today I got ready with the last panel.

A I'm ready with the first panel, and today I prepared the landing bird too. It looks really pretty.