On this page I'm gonna write about the two techniques of building glass panels, and share some information about the materials, tools and machines used for working with glass.


The lead came method

This is the traditional ancient technique to construct a panel, that has been working for hundreds of years. Glass pieces are placed in H-profiled lead cames, then the joints of the cames are soldered.

The copper foil technique

This method is only about one hudred years old. Thin copper foil is sticked on glass pieces precisely, then glass pieces are laid down and soldered. As solder "sticks" only on copper, and it runs into the gap between the two pices besides each other, an H-profile is formed that keeps the glass pieces together.

On this photo you can see the difference between the two method: The panel is made with the lead came method, but the birds inside are put together with the copper foil technique.

Differences, advantages, disadvantages

Coming soon.